Global Population
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Many would say that Population Growth is the greatest crisis facing our planet today. Others would say, it is not the number of people but the huge burden of consumption and pollution caused by the richest 20% of our population. Either way, population figures prominently in all areas of the economy and environment.
General Pages

  1. World Population Clock

  2. WorldMapper: Population

  3. World Population Density Map

  4. State of World Population, 2011

  5. United Nations Population Fund

  6. Population Issues Overview

  7. UNFPA Online Video Library

  8. World Population - Wikipedia (including historical data)

  9. List of countries by population - Wikipedia

  10. International Population Database - US Census Bureau

  11. Country Summaries including Population Pyramids

  12. Malthus (1798): An Essay on the Principle of Population

  13. State of World Population

  14. Population Reference Bureau

  15. Population Data Sheets - each year back to 2004 plus info on various topics

  16. PRB WebCasts on Aging |Environment | Gender | Health/Nutrition | HIV/AIDS |Immigration/Migration | Income/Poverty | Marriage/Family | Population Basics | Reproductive Health | Youth

  17. The Population Institute

  18. Why population Matters

  19. World Population Balance

  20. Population Media Centre

  21. Global

  22. Gender and Population Issues

  23. Human Population

Population Issues

Population, Consumption & Sustainability
  1. Population and Consumption

  2. Current Population is 3X sustainable level

  3. The Population Bubble


  1. UNFPA: Sub-saharan Africa

  2. Sub-Saharan Africa: The population emergency


  1. Has China's one-child policy worked?

  2. China's one-child policy reveals complexity, effectiveness

  3. One-child Chinese families prefer it that way

Rural-Urban Migration

  1. Rural-Urban Migration in Ethiopia

  2. Special Issue of Just Change on Rural-Urban Migration

  3. Rural-Urban Migration in China

Aging Population in the West

  1. Japan eyes demographic time bomb

  2. Japan: A cautionary tale

  3. Contraception ban: Fighting for family planning in Catholic-dominated Philippines

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World Population
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