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There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.      We are all crew.

– Marshall McLuhan, 1964      

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Find the archived site here is a launch-pad for discovery and learning, providing students and educators a global perspective on the world’s geography and the issues we face. Whether you are keeping up-to-date with the latest news, looking for homework help or researching a term paper, you will find hundreds of articles and graphics to help you better understand the changing world around us.
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What is Geography?

Geographers study natural and human features, processes and systems and how they interact in the environment at the local, regional and global scales in an attempt to answer three key questions:
•  What is where?
     → to evaluate the spatial significance
•  Why there?
     → to determine any patterns and trends
•  Why care?
     → to analyze interrelationships from a uniquely geographic point of view in terms of the environment, economics, politics and socio-cultural perspectives.
   These questions create the framework for any geographic study; take volcanoes, for example: 1.  What are volcanoes and where are they found? 2.  Why are volcanoes found in specific patterns and how do those patterns change over time? 3.  How are people dependent on volcanoes and what effects do volcanoes have on people in terms of the environment, economics, politics and culture?
   Replace "volcanoes" with any geographic concept and - voilà - you have a framework for your research.

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